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Welcome to the site of R.T. Layton Co., LTD.
Serving the New Milford area's home fuel needs since 1964!

Please call our office for current posted prices. 860-354-4888

Fuel Oil

RT Layton Co. is the oldest family run and locally owned Oil Co. in the New Milford area.
Do business with us and see why your neighbors choose us to provide their fuel needs!

  • Budget Plans
  • Service Contracts
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Pool Heater Service
  • Pool Water Delivery
  • Full Propane Equipment Service

We maintain on-site fuel oil storage for prompt service during the winter months. With our state licensed Oil and Gas Service Technicians on call 24/7, we will help you stay warm during the cold season, and help ensure your fuel and gas appliances are operating as efficiently as possible and meet the latest safety standards.

We have recently upgraded our Rt. 7 facility in New Milford for a guaranteed supply of propane for all your propane needs.

R.T. Layton Co., Ltd. belongs to the following trade associations:

ICPA - Independent CT Petroleum Association
PGANE - Propane Gas Association of New England

These Associations help set a higher standard for clean, cost-effective energy by promoting and developing the fuel oil & propane industries through marketing and research and by supporting training and education for specific skills employed in the fuel oil and propane gas industries. This plays an important part in keeping up-to-date with safety and technology.

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